1. CCE is a non-profit organisation and is formed by local CCE associations interested in the mission, vision and value proposition of CCE.
  2. CCE Europe is a pan-European hub, a completely vendor neutral knowledge sharing network between customers and Providers, Start-ups and Research centres. working in the Cloud ecosystem and related to enhancing the cloud community and driving digital transformation.
  3. CCE maintains a constant open dialogue with all stakeholders to bring IT and business together.
  4. CCE delivers orientation, guidance and best practice, as well as providing support services such as networking and knowledge sharing to cloud customers and providers Europe wide.
  5. CCE assists Providers and Customers with their Digital Transformation and innovation building on European quality values for a global usage.
  6. CCE Europe shall disseminate information about new business models and opportunities especially for SMBs & start-ups and fosters the development of a European Single Digital Market.
  7. CCE builds strong relations with the EU Institutions and through its member organisations with national institutions.


  • to act as spokesman for the Cloud community and digital transformation market across Europe,
  • to contribute to the development of standards related to Cloud,
  • to provide services in the common interest of the Members of the Association,
  • to support a multi-stakeholder approach in the regulatory process of Cloud Computing in general and specific for Digital Transformation,
  • to share best practices on Cloud computing in general and specific in the Digital Transformation Process,
  • to actively promote networking within the ecosystem

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