Under the name CCE Connect, Cloud community europe launched on the 6th of july in Paris the business tool CCE connect for the country members of Cloud Community Europe. In a conference room the tool was demonstrated live to the audience and people also had the chance to instantly register themselves within the software solution. CCE Connect is a software solution where companies, that belong to the same industry or branche network, can be automatically linked to eachother without time consuming network activities where ever they take place. With CCE Connect you are able to easily identify companies that share the same interest that you do because linking is automatically performed by the tool itself. Are you looking for companies that are seeking investment opportunities? Or are you looking for strategic business partners?

Cloud Communiity Europe facilitates all that with CCE Connect for all local members!

Where LinkedIn is used to couple individuals to one another, CCE Connect is used to connect Businesses to eachother. people may leave a business, but the organization itself will remain, as their business partners. Because a comprehensive acceptance system is part of the process, the database will always consist of adresses with high quality and no fake companies because the validity of each subscriber is checked by country managers.

Cloud Community Europe launched the tool to enhance the networking activities between companies. Cloud Community Europe is the first Pan-European organization to actively use the business tool for her European members.

Are you interested in what this business connectivity tool can do for your own branche association? Contact us or watch this video to know more!